From Venice to Malibu – Tricia & Malcolm’s Engagement Session

1:38 PM

For Tricia and Malcolm’s engagement session, we toured the West Side to some of their favorite locations. We started the day off at the Venice Canals where I focused mainly on the sun-lit walkways that hugged the water. I prefer to work without flash so half the fun was finding the best angle where they were evenly lit by all the natural light instead of just being under the sun (plus it’s better to stay cool – got a long shoot ahead of us!) After Venice we took a drive out to Malibu’s beaches where the foot traffic is minimal, parking is plenty, and the rock formations are like none other! The timing worked out great as we hit the beach right around sunset, catching the faint glow of the receding sun behind the sea-salt infused atmosphere.

Very looking forward to hanging out with these two again this weekend. Time to get married! =)

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