San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session – Judy & Brandon!

9:00 AM

When Judy and Brandon suggested we go down to San Juan for their engagement session I couldn't be more excited. From a photo standpoint the space feels open, not too crowded, and rocks a cool historic feel due to its mission and smalltown appeal. We spent the afternoon exploring the area looking for pockets of great light for them to hang out under and let’s just say…we found a few =) The mission with all its archways, long halls, and varied masonry gave us so many textures to work with. And to change things up a bit we finished the session in a nearby wild field featuring perfectly overgrown tall grass and really big trees. Big trees are the best.

Judy and Brandon, you two did a great job being awesome together and I’m super looking forward to your wedding this weekend!

mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0001 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0002 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0003 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0004 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0005 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0006 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0007 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0008 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0009 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0010 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0011  mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0013 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0014 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0015 mission-san-juan-engagement-photos-simplytwo_0016

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