Coffee Shops, Balloons, & Giant Chess Boards – Jennifer & Ivan’s Engagement Session

11:51 AM

When Jennifer and Ivan flew into LA a few months ago for their engagement session, I got the unique opportunity to show them a few of my favorite locations. Super easy going and open to cool ideas, they were game for pretty much anything so we warmed up at a life-sized chessboard - playing around with the strong monochromatic shapes and even re-arranged the board a few times to try different looks. We then strolled through the city to get some coffee w/ their initialled Anthropologie mugs before heading to the park to fly balloons and climb felled trees in high heels! (GREAT job Jennifer)

The lighting that day was really balanced so we took our time with each location without having to worry too much about the sun. Typically I angle my shots relative to the sun as it’s moving across the sky but in days with diffused overcast lighting it’s much easier to shoot anywhere and make it look good. =)

Night shots are pretty much tops in my world right now so squeezing in one quick set was a must, hence the lit-bridge photo just as the sunlight disappeared against the emerging city lights.

See you two this weekend! I’m looking forward to your awesome wedding and another epic shoot~

chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0001 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0002 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0003 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0004 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0005 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0006 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0007 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0008 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0009 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0010 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0011 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0012 chessboard-coffee-shop-engagement-session-simplytwo_0013

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