Robert & Michel-ann’s Engagement Session – The Malibu Coast

2:12 PM

Many years ago I was accompanied by a mysterious traveling companion as I trekked through the insanely beautiful coastline now known as South Africa. I stole his jacket once when the weather got too cold and was sure to eat all his snacks when he looked the other way. Stateside I lived in his basement, built many Lego forts to our name, and shared enough broments to fill a book. I even remember the first time he started talking about this new girl from the university, grinning as if one day he would marry her.

Turns out, he was right. =)

His name is Robert and her name is Michel-ann and this weekend I get to photograph their wedding up in sunny Seattle. Keeping with the whole sunny theme, they came to LA for their engagement session and we hit up the Malibu coastline like three cats in a yarn factory. (not sure what that means but it felt like the right thing to say)

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