A Perfect Sunny San Diego Wedding – Ben & Emily

2:31 PM

Sun, San Diego, Water, Nerf Guns – these are just a few of the things that made Ben & Emily’s wedding a joy to shoot. I had the chance to hang out with the entourage the day before the wedding when Ben surprised the guys with their very own Nerf guns. Needless to say we spent most of the evening shooting at each other and didn't get much sleep =)

Fast forward to Saturday, the weather was stunning and not a single cloud in the sky! We shot all the Creatives at the NTC Promenade just before heading over to Tom Ham’s Lighthouse where Ben and Emily got married against the backdrop of SD’s iconic skyline.

Will you nerd with me for a moment? I really have to give props to Ben and Emily on this one. Something that made their ceremony pictures extra nice to shoot was the timing and direction of the site relative to the setting sun. The super blue sky and even lighting was all natural, straight out of the camera, and with no processing - made possible because the sun was directly behind us at a 90-ish degree angle which produced a polarizing effect, kinda like wearing a good pair of sunglasses. If the altar was tilted even by a few degrees to the right or left the groomsmen would have been in shadows and the bridesmaids super washed out which is zero fun for everyone. I’ve never given it much thought till this weekend but I guess a few takeaways would be:

  1. Get married as late as possible in the day – like…really really late.
  2. Have your guests face directly away from the setting sun so it produces nice skies, polarized light, and perfectly lit hair for when the bride comes down the aisle
  3. The altar should be perpendicular to the sun
  4. Good luck have fun


Ben and Emily, it was really cool seeing you two get married and I’m honored you asked me to shoot for you. We somehow pulled off some ridiculous shots between the engagement and wedding and I couldn't help but smile the whole time as I was editing these. Enjoy the highlights and hopefully there’s internets on the honeymoon!

tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0001 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0002 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0003 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0004 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0005 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0006 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0007 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0008 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0009 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0010 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0011 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0012 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0013 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0014 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0015 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0016 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0017 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0018 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0019 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0020 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0021 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0022 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0023 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0024 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0025 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0026 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0027 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0028 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0029 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0030 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0031 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0032 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0033 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0034 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0035 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0036 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0037 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0038 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0039 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0040

tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0041 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0042 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0043 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0044 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0045 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0046 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0047 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0048 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0049 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0050 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0051 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0052 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0053 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0054 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0055 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0056 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0057 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0058 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0059 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0060 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0061 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0062 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0063 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0064 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0065 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0066 tom-hams-san-diego-wedding_simplytwo_0067

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