Waterfalls, Sparklers, and Lot’s of Nature – Annie & James’ Engagement Session

2:21 PM

Today I’m featuring Annie & James’ engagement photos that were shot right here in Pasadena CA! But before I do that I wanted to share a few thoughts that came to mind this morning as I was sipping my morning brew…

Touring the city with awesome people is one of the best parts of this job. Engagement sessions are probably the first official photo shoot my couples are part of so it’s totally natural for them to wonder how to pose, how to sit, where to look, and whether to smile or not – these are just a few of the millions of other concurrent thoughts racing through one’s mind before a shoot. In fact, it’s that unknown aspect that makes it so fun for me because I get to 1) Walk them through my method, 2) Help them see the world as I see it, and 3) Discovery really cool and exciting ways to shoot everyday locations. As an artist I can’t emphasize enough how fun it is to see peoples’ eyes joyfully light up when they review their pictures on the camera. That ah-ha moment…that clarity…when their physical world matches up with the mental concepts; it’s freakn awesome and it paves the way for an entire day of stress-free and epic shooting. I guess it all boils down to one simple idea: the less of a mystery photography is, the better the photos =)

Annie and Jame’s session was so diverse; we started the day walking around the arboretum to get that soft naturey feel and found a really cool waterfall where we attempted a long exposure to blur the movement of the water. Then we 180’d and hit the city where we got some really sweet night shots and managed to light a few sparklers for the grand finale. It took a few tries but James and Annie did a great job shaping the sparklers while holding real still – nice work you two, skillz...mad skillz

See you this weekend, time to get married yeah?

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