Old School Mission and a Visit to the Beach – Lynn & Quinn’s Engagement Session

1:59 PM

Spending the day with Lynn and Quinn was a lot of fun. We started things off at San Juan Capistrano’s Mission which was cool cuz it was still super bright out and the architecture provided perfectly diffused lighting and neat backgrounds. Then things got a bit more special: they brought me to the coffee shop where they had their first date! Talk about sentimental right??

At the beach, I wanted to do things a bit differently so we decided it’d be a good idea to incorporate their frame prop by making it look like it was floating…and by that I mean I timed the shot to Quinn tossing the frame – ‘look ma, no hands!' With the sun rapidly setting we finished off the day with a long exposure shot of the crashing waves just as the sky turned rich magenta.

Lynn and Quinn…I look forward to this weekend and the privilege of taking pics for you once again~

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