Hyatt Gainey Ranch Wedding Photography – Ashley & Wenshin!

2:47 PM

Destination weddings. Hot weather. Shooting with familiar faces: these are a few of my favorite things!

The time spent sleeping in airports and traveling is well worth it when I get to spend the weekend partying with people like Ashley and Wenshin. I met Ashley back in 2011 when she bridesmaided for Christine and Randon and Wenshin when the two of them flew out to LA for their engagement session. Really chill couple, laid back, and open to pretty much all of my random creative suggestions – awesome.

Their wedding was pretty sweet in my book because I got to shoot on a gondola (bucket list shot), the wedding party was gorgeous, and the beautifully landscaped venue was warm and toasty but not overly sweltering; perfect for late spring. And I gotta say, it was quite fun shooting and exploring a venue I had never been to because it was a fresh take on a new space. The excitement/challenge of ‘finding’ an image in the unknown is one of the most satisfying feelings this photographer can have. =)

Ashley and Wenshin, thank you letting me be a part of your day…hope you enjoy the pics!

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