Ashley & Wenshin’s Engagement Session – Los Angeles

12:11 PM

Ashley and Wenshin, thanks so much for coming out to LA for your engagement shoot! It’s always fun to take my couples around to my favorite locations and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend in Phoenix~

Time for round two of photos…let’s bring the awesome.

A&W_simplytwophotography_0001 A&W_simplytwophotography_0002 A&W_simplytwophotography_0003 A&W_simplytwophotography_0004 A&W_simplytwophotography_0005 A&W_simplytwophotography_0006 A&W_simplytwophotography_0007 A&W_simplytwophotography_0008 A&W_simplytwophotography_0009 A&W_simplytwophotography_0010 A&W_simplytwophotography_0011 A&W_simplytwophotography_0012 A&W_simplytwophotography_0013

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