Trash the Dress Session! - Diane & Chun

1:36 PM

There comes a time every so often when for whatever reason I’m simply unable to shoot for people I really like. It makes me sad because I get all these ideas and inspirations for their wedding but no creative outlet =(

For Diane and Chun we decided to do the next best thing…a Trash the Dress Session where she rocked the white dress and he bossed out in a suit! Throw in some dope Newport-grade sand, saltwater, and a setting sun and the result is what you see here. Enjoy!

Diane&Chun_0001 Diane&Chun_0002 Diane&Chun_0003 Diane&Chun_0004 Diane&Chun_0005 Diane&Chun_0006 Diane&Chun_0007 Diane&Chun_0008 Diane&Chun_0009 Diane&Chun_0010 Diane&Chun_0011 Diane&Chun_0012 Diane&Chun_0013 Diane&Chun_0014 Diane&Chun_0015 Diane&Chun_0016

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