Segerstrom Wedding Photographer – Leslie & Chin

1:06 PM

Leslie and Chin’s wedding: a real chill day. Crazy fun, beautiful, and the perfect start for this photographer’s year.

My favorite part was probably the first look because of Leslie’s planning skills and the perfect execution on the part of the Entourage. Leslie made large hand-held cutout’s of just her face and his face. The wedding party then formed a “face-wall” that would be the first thing Chin saw when he turned around! His expression was awesome and it pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.  Cool stuff like that is what makes every wedding unique and super interesting to shoot. I encourage all of my couples out there to let their inner kids run free.

The more fun you have with the planning, the better the party.

Enjoy the photos!

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Coordinator & Floral Design: Cindy Wu – A Touch of Lavender

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