Jessica & Andre’s UCLA Creative Session…At Night!

7:40 PM

After nearly 10 years of photographing weddings, there is still a first for everything! You see, normally I reserve night shots for just the bride & groom but a few weekends ago I got the chance to shoot Jessica & Andre’s entire wedding party atop UCLA’s Janss steps just a tad after sundown. It was a unique challenge to get every person in sharp focus all while using very slow shutter speeds with only the available light coming from nearby buildings.

If you’ve followed my work since late 2011 you probably know that I LOVE shooting at night because 1) How blue the skies get against the blurred lights from lamposts, storefronts, and the city skyline. And 2) it adds a texture to the images that’s impossible to achieve during the day and one of the most satisfying types of shots in my portfolio today.

I’m really grateful to the Entourage for trusting me and going along with the shots even though it seemed too dark to take pictures and it was kinda getting cold and I think everyone was hungry. Good thing there’s an In-n-Out in Westwood =)

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