Gordon & Tranie’s Cross Country Trek–Engagement Session

2:17 PM

Gordon and Tranie,

THANKS for literally flying across the country for your engagement session! I felt privileged to be your tour guide and I hope you enjoyed LA!

They’re a unique story…at first Tranie thought I was unavailable for their date but Gordon reached out through Facebook anyways and we started chatting it up. Turns out, I could shoot their wedding and instead of telling her right away, he planned an elaborate surprise for her. They came out to LA from Florida for her birthday and while they were in town, would conveniently meet up with his distant cousin for lunch (I played the role of this distant cousin)

Over lunch, we were making small talk when Gordon casually showed Tranie my website and she was like, “why are you bringing that up now, the guy couldn’t shoot for us” (I paraphrase) Gordon pushed a bit more, showed her SimplyTwo’s facebook page, my picture on the website, etc…and at that point it dawned on her that he was the most clutch dude in the history of everything.

I think she was pretty excited, and by pretty excited I mean she excused herself for a few moments before come back to the table. She was happy. He was happy. I was honored and freakn humbled. And then we went to take these:


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