the Proposal

8:00 AM

On June 23rd 2013 I proposed to my girlfriend. A couple of you asked how I did it so here’s how it all went down. =)

I wanted the location and timing to be significant so I chose to do it at the church retreat where I met her many years ago. Thematically, I figured it to be a nice full circle type of thing, like “hey we met here so let’s get engaged here!” Girls like that sort of thing. With that set in place, I just needed to bring in all the VIPs and props to make it happen….

(Above) After purchasing the ring I emailed my closest friends to ask for their help in planning the engagement as well as ideas on how to make it special. Long story short: they’d meet me at the Biola University campus on Sunday to help take pictures and record the proposal.

(Above) In the weeks leading up to the proposal I got bored and played around with the ring because I wanted to see what all the hype was. I went about my daily activities like hanging out with my cat, changing the oil in my car, and even edited a few weddings with the thing on. At one point I bit the diamond to see if it was really as hard as legend says. Unfortunately for my scraped tooth, it was.
As for this photo, I’ve never enjoyed my scotch on the rocks…better to keep them separate!

(Above) I picked up a used vintage camera and wrote the message “Marry Me?” on the prism inside. More on this later.

(Above) I spoke to her dad via Skype a few days before. He gave me his blessings. Its funny because Cindy had no idea even though I dropped hints left and right! Silly girl.

(Above) All the guys drove in from all over SoCal (one even flew in from Boston) to help record and pull off the engagement surprise. I emailed them some visual guides to show them where to park n stuff.

(Above) Another high-tech visual guide that simulated the proposal so the guys knew where to setup the cameras.

(Above) By luck, there was a flower vendor on campus that weekend. I didn’t have any cash on me so I asked Cindy for $10 to buy “desserts and candy.” She believed me and handed over the money without thinking twice!~

(Above) It’s against the rules to get married without catching a bouquet so I decided to make one for her. Cindy has never caught a bouquet before so this was something that had to be fixed…and fast!
With the flowers that Cindy unknowingly bought plus random plants found around campus, I assembled a small bouquet in her favorite color scheme: coral.

My plan was to throw this at her the next day. Problem solved.
(Above) During lunchtime on Sunday, while Cindy was busy packing away cheeseburgers and pizzas (this girl can eat!) everyone arrived to the Biola campus and met me at the grass field where the final battle would go down. I handed over all my equipment and scoped out some cool angles before meeting Cindy at the cafeteria. By the time I got there she had eaten all the food =(

(Above) Our dear friends Tim and Chris hiding behind a flower box and recording the whole thing as we approached the target spot.

(Above) I played some sweet romantic jams to demonstrate my love for her. She giggled a lot because she is girl.

(Above) I was getting hungry so I told her we should probably get going. But before we go, let’s commemorate this awesome weekend by taking a photo together! I asked Cindy to set up the camera and focus it while I stayed in place.

(Above) Then she saw this!

(Above) And then this!

(Above) And then we both cried which was kind of embarrassing but that’s ok.

(Above) And then we hugged it out. She was clearly distracted…

(Above) Then all our friends ran out and she was super surprised!

(Above) Then I told her I bit the ring and she got mad. I wasn’t allowed to touch it anymore.

(Above) She ignored me for the next 2 hours and called her girlfriends -_-

(Above) Posted a few days before the proposal. Dropping hints is fun.

Thank you to: Andrew Chen and Amanda Junus for scoping out the grounds the week before; Tim & Chris Hong, Ben Chen, Chris Park, and Adam Wong for taking pics & video and Steve Crowe for enduring a 2am flight from the east coast and hustling over from LAX to be there in support of us!

And thank you Cindy for saying yes. Writing all this has made me hungry…where's my sandwich?


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