Marriot Desert Ridge Wedding Photographer - Hoi & Nick Turn One!

2:45 PM

Happiest one year anniversary Hoi and Nick! I had a blast coming out and spending the weekend with you and your crew; solid group of people! You two were so fun and easygoing that you made my job a breeze; which was a welcome thing because it happened to be 116 degrees that day!

Cheers to a super hot wedding~


Hoi & Nick’s post wedding thoughts =)

The most helpful review we can give to future brides and grooms is that SimplyTwo Photography (John Yao) was the best choice we made for our wedding. To borrow the response from the Dwight in the sitcom "The Office", if someone were to ask me what is the best quality of SimplyTwo, I would say, "SimplyTwo has seven best qualities":

1 - Professional - John Yao of SimplyTwo Photography was recommended to us by a friend and although we only had a few email conversations, we chose him because of his great portfolio and professionalism in our communication. His contract was easy to read and his questionnaire was very detailed yet flexible.

2 - Responsive - In the weeks/days leading up to the big day, we had some last minute questions and John was quick to respond to our questions and address any issues we had.

3 - Hands-off - Once John arrived on-site, he immediately started working. Although he was officially "off the clock" he did a lot of exploring and research about the hotel so he would know the property well and time his shots just right.

4 - Artistic vision - John has a great artistic eye for using the environment and lighting (including time of day) to give his photos that extra something. We learned very quickly to trust his artistic direction and locations throughout the day.

5 - Charismatic personality - He flew in the day before just so he could meet and spend some time with our bridal party/groomsmen, family and friends to get to know everyone and their personalities. This was one of the key components to why everyone looked and felt so comfortable and natural.

6 - Works well with others (vendors) - We had a separate videographer following us around and although they were complete strangers, they worked together like they had been best of friends. Aside from that, our hotel's event manager had a great time working with him stating that we had the funniest photographer. Our two emcees and John also meshed well by communicating and planning out when to start/stop between events so everyone was prepared for photos.

7 - Goes above and beyond - Our dinner reception lasted way past the official allotted hours, but John was still there snapping photos to capture all the festivities (especially when we were all able to let loose!).

A few days after the wedding, John had already released some "teaser" photos to us and we were instantly able to see why he is such a sought-after photographer! His shots were beautiful and captured just the right mood at just the right moments. In an age where everyone and their kid brother has a SLR camera and dabbles in the art of photography, you can easily see how and why SimplyTwo and John Yao are incomparable and true professionals.

-Nick and Hoi

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