Lily & Leo Turn One!

12:16 AM

Happy Anniversary Lily and Leo! Even though a year has gone by our adventure is still fresh on my mind. From the wedding day to the Encore shoot in Philly, you two kept being a source of awesome inspiration.

Believe it when I say that couples like you are the reason why I love my job!


Lily & Leo’s thoughts:

Ever get that gut feeling or intuition that someone is just so right for you? Well that was how I felt when I selected John Yao to be my photographer on my special wedding day. John is one of those photographers who has a deep seated passion for the art of photography itself, but also manages to balance expertise with a very REAL knack for listening to what the client wants! His pictures are high-class, sophisticated, yet brings out the natural beauty in everyone (

At the end of the day though, it's also all about the experience you have with your photographer. I had a spectacular time with John. I wanted to share a couple of highlights:

-My wedding took place in California while I actually live in Boston, so it was already hard enough to plan an event from afar. When I was in town 3 months before the wedding, John agreed to come visit my wedding venue with me. He really didn't have to, but he did, and we had a blast. It mentally prepared us for the shots we would take on the big day, and more importantly, his willingness to spend time with me and my fiancee proved to me that he was truly passionate about capturing the best pictures possible, and he genuinely wanted to get to know the bride and groom.

-I am the first person to get married out of all my bridesmaids, so you can imagine that on my wedding day, there was naturally some confusion among us about what to do. John was such a good sport -- he was pleasant, skillful and flexible, and very calm and collected. He calmly reminded us when it was time to leave, strategized about when to do what and even helped me hold my dress, our dozen coats as we migrated from one photo spot to the next outside in the chilly 50ish degree weather (abnormal for Cali!)

My groomsmen, bridesmaids, and both parents LOVED john as well, and when the people close to you give you their mark of approval, you know you've picked the right person! Thanks John and SimplyTwo for such a wonderful experience. Future brides-to-be, if you pick John you can't go wrong! :)

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