This Year Is Spoken For – SimplyTwo Photography 2013 is Full!

11:36 PM


LOS ANGELES, CA. January 12, 2013SimplyTwo Photography officially reaches its 2013 acceptance limit for new weddings!

As a boutique wedding photography studio, SimplyTwo photography invests 80 - 100 hours on every wedding to achieve the quality that's expected and reflected on its website. John Yao carefully and thoughtfully edits every single image that sees the light of day and never cuts corners by outsourcing.

SimplyTwo couples deserve the best. So while we'd love to book up every day of every weekend...we won't. Low volume keeps the quality where it needs to be; high.

To all our 2013 couples, THANK YOU so much for trusting SimplyTwo to handle your wedding memories. Instead of marketing & boring business stuff, you’ve allowed us to focus our time completely on art-making/being passed out after crazy-fun weddings.


2014 Calendar (~1/5 reserved):

SimplyTwo Photography's 2014 calendar is approximately 1/5 reserved (as of January 13, 2013).
Most of 2013 booked out by September of the previous year so we encourage prospective couples to reach out and apply at the slightest hint of interest!

Ideally John likes to meet each and every one of his couples before deciding to more forward but also understands that many are from out of town and country so phone/email/video-chat are perfectly acceptable alternatives~


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