Ginger & Charley’s Tour of San Diego Engagement

1:00 PM

For their engagement session, Ginger and Charley brought me back to La Jolla, the town where SimplyTwo Photography was born. Putting together their itinerary was a walk down memory lane for me as each location was either a place I’ve passed by on my daily commute or a visual landmark I'd been itching to shoot ever since my college days!

The shot below with the bridge stands out as a favorite from of the session. I’ve walked this bridge probably a thousand times and have always wanted to somehow capture simple yet sweeping view of the converging lamps along walkway. I’m checking that one of my list =)

I really appreciate Ginger and Charley for letting me play tour guide and being open to shooting pretty much anywhere that looked cool at the moment. They’re so laid back and chill that their wedding this weekend is going to be a dream to shoot~


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