Mimi & Thomas’ Wedding

1:15 PM

From our first meeting I knew that working with Mimi & Thomas was going to be perfect. I felt like I could be myself around them because they were super chill and probably saw past the messy hair, torn jeans, and worn flip flops I tend to wear to client meetings. =)

They focused on the creative potential of our time together, trusted my decisions, and simply let me do my thing. For these reasons their engagement, wedding, and encore pictures contained some of my absolute favorites of all time and rank high up there with my strongest work to date. (one other possible reason…her bridesmaids were kinda hot)

On a personal note it’s been awesome getting to know Mimi and Thomas as more than just clients but rather two really cool friends I’m glad to have met.

Today is a pretty special day for them. I’ve held off on blogging and releasing these pictures for an entire year so that we could re-live the excitement together in honor of their first anniversary.

Enjoy the pics~



Mimi & Thomas’ words:

Simplytwo Photography went above and beyond what we expected in a photographer. My husband and I first met John when we were scoping out our wedding venue. We were instantly impressed that John wanted to meet us all the way in Long Beach. I have to admit, when I first met John, I asked myself “who is this guy in jeans, polo shirt, and Rainbow flip flops and why is he carrying a Betty Crocker cookbook”. After 5 minutes of talking, we felt like we knew John forever! He showed us his portfolio on his ipad, which was cleverly hidden in the Betty Crocker cookbook, and we were hooked.

John is very receptive of your ideas and expectations. His ability to capture the right light, angles, and his knack for the little details are superb. John definitely knows how to make you feel like a natural and look like a superstar. We had so much fun with John and were so impressed with the photos that we ended up taking 2 engagement sessions, wedding day, and post-wedding photos.

Not only is John a great photographer, he is a great wedding planner and “bride whisperer”. John helped with planning our wedding day itinerary and on the big day, he knew the right things to say to ease my stress and anxiety. Also, he was great with the wedding party and definitely made them feel comfortable as well. My husband and I could not be any happier with our engagement and wedding photos and we can’t wait to have John capture our future memories.

Thanks for everything John!

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