Heather & Hua’s Tour of Los Angeles Engagement

3:34 PM

Heather and Hua’s Tour of LA engagement was pretty rad because we got to experiment with lots of new shooting styles and concepts. Since they both make airplanes for a living, Heather folded a million small paper airplanes to be used as a thematically consistent prop for the session. This was a fantastic idea because whenever you have LOTS of one thing, tossing it all in the air is not only a good idea, but its pretty much the only logical thing to do!

Another cool thing about their session was the wide range of lighting effects from the sun. We started shooting around noon and in the photography world, we’re trained to avoid shooting at high-noon because the lighting is so intense that often the results are quite harsh. I’ve found this to be untrue. Rather, the colors kinda popped and in many cases the brightness washed out everything except for the two of them; which was conveniently beautiful. =)

Hua also decided to show off some magic tricks and levitate for a while before we all headed over to Venice to close out the session.

Good times you two, see you at the wedding!


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