Annie & Vinh’s Engagement Session

7:11 PM

Annie and Vinh’s Engagement Session was one of the most unique sessions I’ve ever done.

Let me tell you a story: the day started off like any other…Annie and Vinh picked me up from the San Jose airport and off we were to wander the coastline in search for cool locations and photo opportunities. We hit up Pebble Beach for our first location and all the shots were turning out great - I thought to myself, ‘this is going to be a really really good session!’

A short while later we found ourselves stacking rocks on the beach just before a HUGE wave took us out, camera equipment and all. Blindsided is probably the best word to describe what happened. The session pretty much ended there but we had the rest of the day to recover, kill time, and make sense of bond over the experience we had all just shared!

Getting back to LA that night, the first thing I did was check my memory cards. Despite the cameras dying that day…the photos were 100% recovered. And they were beautiful. As I sat there scrolling through the images I found it increasingly difficult to find any regrets from the day’s events and couldn’t wait to share the shots with my couple.

Annie and Vinh, your wedding is this weekend and I could not be more excited. Let’s tear it up



(Above) Vinh: Hey check out that wave coming up behi…………….


awesome times

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