‘Soft Vintage’ – SimplyTwo’s 2013 Art Direction Preview

12:12 PM

With 2013 right around the corner I figured it’d be fun to share some current inspirations and how they might surface in SimplyTwo’s future engagements, weddings, and general creative sessions!

For current readers and long-time fans, you probably know that SimplyTwo’s core visual style has always been bright, bold, punchy, and clean. This will remain the same.

But in the latter half of 2012 and officially in 2013, a small percentage of images will undergo a completely new style of editing. I’ve always appreciated the look of old vintage photos from the 80’s but resisted bringing that look to SimplyTwo because I didn’t fully understand it. I didn’t want to offer something that seemed like a fad at the time. But over the years I’ve come to notice that when the light, location, subject matter, and intangibles of an image are just right, it’ll naturally lend itself to this look. Because of this I’ve spent the last 10 months or so quietly developing not just an editing method but also a shooting method so that if we ever released vintage styled images it would be an intentional product rather than a production afterthought.

We’re going to call this ‘Soft Vintage’ for a few reasons:

  • We won’t go overboard in processing. Yes it’s a vintage look but it still needs to look clean.
  • We won’t do this for every image. Images are hand selected from a larger batch.
  • The images, while having a very distinctive look, will continue to retain the same qualities as SimplyTwo’s core art direction.




The images above feature Kenneth Winston 2013 Designs

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