Vanna & Don’s Engagement Session

1:32 PM

Starbucks or Applebees? That was the question that kicked off my adventure with Vanna and Don. Typically when I meet my couples for the first time it’s usually over coffee, tea, or something distilled of equal deliciousness. This time however, we were all starving, it was late, and decided burgers would be the most appropriate. Glorious.

The first thing I noticed was how Vanna and Don are always laughing and giggling about the most random things. This is excellent because happy = really good pictures! This rang especially true during their engagement session. We picked a bright sunny location with a small town feel and pretty much wandered around until we A. Found a cool spot for pictures or B. When they started laughing randomly. The shots you see today are both A and B occurring at the same time. =)

Their wedding is this weekend so there will be a lot more wandering - but this time, they get to rock the white dress, a fancy tux, and have their very own entourage looking all cool and stuff!


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