Rose & John’s Seattle Wedding

2:12 PM

I met Rose and John back in mid 2009 when I took a break from SimplyTwo to do some nonprofit work. Rose, a Latin American Missions Specialist and John, a crazy talented musician, worked together at YMI - training and sending missionaries all over the world. I still remember shooting in the Amazon with John that July – everything about the place was otherworldly! A few months later Rose and I scouted the Cartago region of Costa Rica for projects that would take place there the following season. It was an incredible year of traveling, meeting lifelong friends, and seeing different cultures hustle in their own unique ways. In May 2010, I returned to LA to continue with SimplyTwo and while I was very excited to dive into weddings again I was still a bit sad to say goodbye to everyone in Seattle.

That’s why I’ll never forever the text message I got from John a few weeks after returning to Los Angeles. They got engaged and I just happened to know a photographer…


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