Jenny & Peter’s Engagement Session

1:44 AM

Jenny & Peter: John will you go hiking with us for our engagement shoot? It’s a few miles…

John: Yes. yes I will – but I’m still going to wear my flip flops k?

Jenny & Peter are hilarious and their entire engagement session was pretty gangster. We went on a sweet hike, pulled together a cinemagraph, rode bikes in traffic, and had to sneak past crazy security guards for our last few shots! One thing that made their session memorable was how we just wandered around each location without too much of a plan other than looking for cool backgrounds, good light, and shade - it was hot that day. Their wedding is coming up this weekend and I wont lie, I’m extremely excited for the open bar to pull off another epic photoshoot. Except this time, the dress is white and security will be working for us. =)


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