Teriel & Steve’s Wedding @ Dodger Stadium

3:25 PM

Teriel and Steve, your wedding at Dodger’s was one of the neatest experiences I’ve ever had as a wedding photographer. For starters, we had the ENTIRE park to ourselves…it felt like we owned the place! HOW COOL IS THAT?

The open, sweeping view of the park from home plate provided the perfect photo backdrop and our stopover at Griffith with your entourage was pretty sweet too. You two have been amazing to work with from the very beginning, touring Los Angeles with me during the engagement session and ultimately bringing the party to one of the LA’s most iconic venues. Unforgettable!


(Above) Teriel & Steve on Wall of Fame!


(Above) It was too bright to see the Hollywood sign behind so the wedding party volunteered to spell out the words.


(Above) My future second shooter!


In their own words…Teriel & Steve’s Review:

John Yao of SimplyTwo Photography is Simply AWESOME!

I can honestly say there was a time in my life when I didn't know I was going to marry my husband (bc we hadn't met yet) but I knew I wanted John to be my wedding photographer. I have been following him and his work for years now. He was the official wedding photographer of at least 3 of my very close friends and he consistently did an amazing job. When it was time for us to sign the venue contract, I made sure John was available before we set the date.

John is super talented, experienced and knowledgeable. I liked how he was open to our suggestions of engagement session locations or specific poses. But if we weren't sure what we wanted, John would get inspired by the location's angles, light, etc. Some of our best engagement session pics were taken in an alley on our way from one place to another. We got so many compliments... if only people knew we were literally staring at cars in a parking garage.

I'm glad John was on hand to capture every moment of our big day. He walks the fine line of being relaxed and making us feel comfortable, but also professional and in charge of a big group. John is great at making our bridal party and guests at ease in front of the camera.

I especially dig his preview links that he sends us. It's great to forward over to our friends and family. John's work is EVEN better than I expected. We love every picture he took!

I would give him more stars if I could.

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