First Wedding Cinemagraph Teaser–Lily & Leo

11:21 AM


I just shot Lily and Leo’s wedding this past weekend and had the chance to attempt my first *wedding* Cinemagraph. Until now, I’ve held off on trying this during weddings because Cinemgraphs are risky, require a lot of planning/subtle adjustments, and in order to do well…can take some time. Because of this, it’s a low priority until I properly capture all the core shots first.

That being said, Lily and Leo’s wedding party we’re all on board for the idea and in fact, it was Leo who first expressed interest in having one made on the wedding day and gave me the go-ahead to tweak the itinerary to make it work. thx Leo!

This latest set saw the following:

  • a greater number of independently moving objects in complete stasis – bridesmaids, groomsmen, photographer are all motionless but were doing completely different things
  • this was shot indoors around sunset but the resulting Cinemagraph is still very clean and free of noise– means lowlight is entirely possible
  • can be created with lots of blurry foregrounds and backgrounds (depends on lens)
  • reflections on the marble floor can now be rendered
  • shadows behind my bride and groom can now be rendered
  • advanced post processing (multilayer black and white method) – cinemagraphs could possibly take on the same level of sharpness, detail, and depth as SimplyTwo’s still images.

a big THANKS to the entire entourage. very fun photo shoot. even funner party – brb, passing out till Wednesday


(Above) Lily & Leo’s Entourage

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