Regina & Shawn’s Twin Oaks Wedding

12:54 AM

Dear Regina and Shawn,

Too much good stuff – it’s tough to decide where to start with this one…

First off, your engagement session at UCSD ranked pretty high in my personal index. Few things compare to the giant green chair and 3-story stone bear. It’s exciting to shoot at a location I’ve walked through-and-through for 4-years of college without ever giving it much though as a legitimate session location.

Secondly, I LOVED your wedding party. In ever sense of the word, it was a party. So much creative energy, randomness, and cute lovely bridesmaids made for an extremely pleasant shooting experience. And I’m glad you ended up bringing Monster (dog) to the wedding even though he didn’t dance much. =)

Perfect day you two, thanks for having me around for it! Enjoy the pics.




(Above) The Proper Asian Family Portrait.


(Above) Shawn was knighted during the reception grand-entrance.


Reggi & Shawn’s Post Wedding Thoughts:

John is incredibly talented at what he does and even my husband admitted that John's worth every penny we spent. (that really means something as he tends to think everything wedding-related is a waste of money :P) I've gotten countless compliments on our engagement session and I honestly can't wait to see our wedding pictures! I have no doubt that those turned out great as well.

John also is so easy to work with and makes having your picture taken fun. As you all know, taking pictures can sometimes be awkward with all the funky poses photographers like to place you in. But it's different with John - he tends to capture you in your most natural state of being in love with each other :) He'll also watch out for the little details like if your hair is out of place, if your 2nd chin is saying hello to the world, etc. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?? Answer - John does! And I'm so glad he did that for our wedding day, because who wants pictures of their hair being anything other than perfect on their big day? He keeps an eye out for details that your own bridesmaids seem to miss.

I've told him this several times, but honestly, from day 1 - John was my most important vendor. He is good at what he does and captures the most amazing moments on his camera(s). Not to mention he's so much fun to be around! (my bridesmaids loved him!) And he's always been there to give me his sage advice on all things wedding related. He's not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing friend as well and I can't wait to work with him again in the future! (perhaps when we have kids?) ;)

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