Introducing the SimplyTwo Photography Cinemagraph ft. Sally & Kenton

9:29 AM

Experimenting with new photography techniques is pretty much the funnest thing ever for this photo nerd. The idea originally came about when my friend Jason over at Dreamarium showed me some concept work online and we both pondered its applications in the wedding photography world.

Coincidentally, Sally & Kenton’s engagement session was scheduled for the following week and they agreed to help me make this concept a reality!

These might look like videos, but they’re actually animated GIF files with very high 1080p resolution and depending on the case, hundreds of frames for fluid motion.

Check it out (It might take a minute to download…soo worth it)

SimplyTwo-Photography-Cinemagraph-1loop Disneyland:
- Fireworks, smoke, and tram are all in full motion
-Sally and Kenton are not

SimplyTwo Photography Cinemagraph 2 Open Field:
-Leaves, dust, and flying things are all in motion
-Her dress in in motion
-Sally and Kenton are not. =)

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