Lulu & Kevin’s Snow Covered Engagement Session

3:33 PM's where it all starts. Then it's followed by vision, careful planning, and lot’s of plain luck.

Weeks before the photo shoot we toyed with the idea of doing a winter themed session. It sounded easy at first until I was reminded we live in California where it tends to look like summer even during the harshest winter. What to do?

We basically crossed our fingers, set a date, and prayed for snow.

Something worked because around 11:00 am on the morning of the session Kevin calls with news of rain outside (keep in mind it hasn't rained in months). The session wasn't scheduled for another few hours but we pretty much had to go now. Rain the city meant the mountain equivalent of a snow fiesta! Stumbling out of the house with camera in hand and shoes reluctantly on feet, I had no idea of the rush shooting in the snow would turn out to be.

I think the pictures below tell the rest of the story better than I can.

Lulu and Kevin, here are your winter-themed engagement photos. =)





Tips of shooting in the snow:

  1. Wear gloves
  2. Brings lots of batteries
  3. Wear shoes
  4. Don’t worry about your equipment; just shoot. The gear will probably make it. If not, at least you got some good shots?

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