A Day at Disneyland with Chris & Tim–Engagement Session

12:22 PM

Its been forever since I’ve visited Disneyland so when Chris and Tim suggested it for their engagement session, I couldn’t resist. In my mind, nothing could be more fun and exciting than having to carefully craft fun, spontaneous, and timeless…yet polished photos while having thousands of rampant children, sticky hands and all, swarming around us the entire day; good times. =)

I’ve known Chris and Tim for about 1/3 of my life. We went to college together, shared plenty of adventures, fond memories, and at times braved life's toughest storms together. Nothing makes me happier than seeing great friends fall in love, court it up, and get married. Chris and Tim, your wedding is coming up soon and I’m humbled and honored to be your photographer.

Chris, you’re going to look crazy beautiful.

Tim, don’t forget to shave.




(Above) “Honey stick with me and the future is bright”

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