David and Rowena’s Tour of Los Angeles Engagement Session

2:14 PM

It’s all about getting the shot.

Which thankfully, is often too much fun in the process… =D

It all started with a hike deep into the mountains. It was pretty much the only way to get this quality of natural lighting and made our sore feet all the more worth it in the end. I loved how nobody else was around at the time so we had the entire canyon to ourselves. For the record, let’s just say we reserved the mountain…yeah I like the sound of that.

Being granted exclusive access to one of LA’s privately owned historic landmarks was pretty sweet too. We had a perfect view of the city skyline! Most of us living in LA have driven past this location without knowing it and even more of us have enjoyed their wine! Exposed construction elements, large floor to ceiling windows, and lots of random textures made these images pretty much galactic. I sooo wish I lived there…

And if you know me, you know I gotta’ get me some spiffy night time shots. David and Rowena, thank you for reading my mind…the night set turned out exactly as I had imagined. You fancy~





(Above) Indoor SWING!


(Above) David being a great sport for following a Skyline-fanboy’s photo direction


(Above) Nothing will ever beat night time shots in my book. Great job you two!!!!


Special thanks to Tim Wut for on-location set design and access.

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