Jackie & Stan’s Tour of Los Angeles Engagement Session

8:02 AM


In the scope of everything wedding related, I’m going to be a bit bold in saying that Engagement Sessions rank just as high as wedding photos. Not only do they creatively demonstrate a couples’ engaged-ness, but they are the first big official OMG piece of media released and people tend to stop whatever they’re doing to see how your engagement photos turned out. On blogs, in print, or blown up at churches and reception halls, Engagement Photos get a lot of face time and therefore must be, in simple terms…Perfect.

Back in college when I first started doing weddings, engagement sessions were pretty chill; spend an hour (maybe?) at a fancy location to knock out some quality frame-able shots and call it day. It was simple, relaxed, and a good measure of fun!

But as I look back on the breadth of work from SimplyTwo Photographys’ recent years, it’s become quite apparent that successful engagement sessions only start with what I’ve mentioned above. To create a truly epic, one-of-a-kind set of images, we must go deeper.

I created the “Tour of City” concept early in 2010, but back then we didn’t call it that. My adventurous couples and I both agreed; if we are going to shoot then let’s spend the time and effort to make it as perfect as possible.

  • Let’s hit up multiple locations that are different from each other. – Variety in Setting
  • Why stop at one outfit when you can rock your swag in 50 different looks? – Variety in Composure
  • Take risks, explore the city, shoot where people haven't shot before. – Pure Originality
  • If others have shot at this location, how can we make it different? – Raising the Bar
  • Shall we blaze some trails and tackle concepts that others only dream of? – Epic

When done properly, no two engagement sessions should ever look identical. They may share similarities in overall quality and execution but when all is said and done, your photos should uniquely resonate with who you are as a couple. =)

Enter Jackie and Stan…

Their Tour of LA session couldn’t have turned out better, we went everywhere! We started late in the afternoon to take advantage of softer natural light and to ensure that we wouldn’t tire out before the finale shots at night. This is Los Angeles, so we mapped out all the locations we wanted to hit as well as driving times, best routes, and backups in case of traffic. Luckily the roads were kind to us so no trouble there. All in all, we carved out fresh bridge shots in Pasadena, lounged in an open field, spent some time with Charlie Chaplin in Downtown LA, almost hitched a ride on a train, and eventually found ourselves perched atop the observatory hours after sunset.

Jackie and Stan, thank you for being adventurous with me. You done good.




(Above) See the chair? We brought it with us.



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