Hao & Christina’s Los Angeles Wedding

2:20 PM

Hao and Christina, you and your crew gotz some serious air!

Going through your photos and picking out my favs for this blog post brought back some really cool memories. I think my favorite part about being a wedding photographer is during the freestyle creative time when I get to work closely with you and your VIPs to create some epicly frameable shots and your idea to stop by Arcadia High for those Creatives was pure brilliance. Having never done a creative set on a high school campus, it was definitely a new experience and quite the challenge but also every bit as rewarding. You and your entourage were full of energy, nonstop with the fresh ideas, and just really cool people all round; I kinda miss you guys. If there was a rule against having too much fun taking photos; it’s broken.

Thanks for having me on board to shoot all the pictures and congrats on being married; I’ve heard good stuff about it. =)




(Above) Nice work picking out the Louboutins Hao!


(Above) Shooting solo cuz who needs two photogs right? =)



In their words: John was absolutely amazing to work with! When we first met John he gave both of us big hugs and my husband awkwardly patted his back (he is not a hugger), but by the end of the wedding day they had a great big genuine hug and I knew John's job was done. John had initially done a friend's wedding and when I saw the pictures he took I knew I wanted him as my wedding photographer even before I was engaged. My husband and I both wanted natural, spontaneous pictures that just captured the moment and John's style fit our laid back personalities perfectly. Working with him was extremely easy and smooth. He even flew out of state for our engagement shoot and was really flexible in working with our busy schedules. On our wedding day he hung out with our wedding party and they all agreed that if he had gone to school with us we would of all been friends from the get go. Throughout the day he was furiously taking pictures and we were amazed at his energy level. He had great, creative ideas during our group shots and we just all had a lot of fun. The day after the wedding all I wanted to see was pictures and he actually sent us a little preview, it was like he had read my mind. We're still getting wedding pictures but so far are really pleased with the wonderful pictures we've seen so far and would highly recommend him to anyone:P. John was really professional, easy to work with and most importantly took amazing photographs that make us want to do the wedding day all over again.

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