Deb and Joe’s Wedding–San Diego, CA

2:26 PM

Dearest Deb and Joe,

Let me first start off by saying what an honor it was to shoot your wedding; you two are like family.

Deb I remember way back during our UCSD days when you and Meta tried to calm me down as I was freaking out about which classes and major to focus on (this was the first time we ever met, and 1 week into frosh year of college fyi, yeah I was that guy). Since then you’ve always been like a big sis and I‘ve always appreciated you checking in on me and sharing all of your wisdom on life and stuff. You have no idea how encouraging you’ve been!

Joe I think my first memory of you involved either a 20 person dog pile, a super soaker,  or a prank too inappropriate for our blog readers. Or was it all of that combined? Anyway…you are a solid guy man. You set a pretty good example for the rest of us young’ns at CEC (as far as what we could get away with and not get in trouble) and I learned a lot about leadership, organization, and patience from serving with you on worship team. In fact, patience was probably the biggest one since you had to put up with a lot of, well….me. lol thanks Joe!

I thought it was way cool when you two first started dating and now that you’re married that cool index has been raised permanently! I hope you’re loving your time in London and please do holla back when you visit!




(Above) Anna is the master of hair. Everything you see from here on in is Anna’s mastery.


(Above)  Jim is a groomsman. He also enjoys painting vehicles in his spare time.


(Above) Emily is very proud. She helped with Joe’s boutonniere because they are impossible to attach.


(Above) Boys to men… or other way around?


(Above) Can we get another drink up here? (Guests enjoyed smoothies after the ceremony)


(Above) This is how proper groomsmen photos should be done all the time. =)


(Above) Ladies, nice work


(Above) This happened a lot that day!


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