This Made My Weekend: Images Published in Weddings by The Ritz Carlton

3:13 PM

On a whim, and with The Ritz Carlton just down the street, I dropped in after last Friday’s Laguna Engagement Session with Jessica and Paul (really really good session by the way, thanks you two). A few weeks ago my sources informed me that SimplyTwo Photography’s photos for Private Label by G would be in the latest issue of Weddings by The Ritz Carlton…lo and behold, those sources were right!

I probably stuck out like a sore thumb with my wet sandy jeans, flip flops, and faded polo shirt amongst all the black-tie guests, but hey…that’s how we roll baby.




Blogging has been a bit tough lately with the weekly travel schedules. =(

But to all my lovely couples, know that your weddings/engagements WILL be featured. I stand by that.

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