Crazy Rain, Wedding Magazines, D.I.Y. Furniture!

8:18 PM

Hello all you awesome blog readers! Got something special for you today…a bit different and not quite photo related but I think you’ll like it!

It’s raining A LOT in L.A. right now…even more than it did this past weekend during Grace and Matt’s SF engagement session. (Superb photo-shoot though…the rain was actually really good for lighting, you’ll see soon).

Anyhow, as my flight dove head first into the stormy and now closed Burbank airport the thought never occurred to me that the power outages waiting at home would ultimately prevent any real work from getting done. Since the power is being so unstable, the workstation stays off today with fingers crossed about how long the laptop will last…

Long story short…decided to do some cleaning --> Found TONS of old wedding magazines ---> Felt bad about throwing them away –> Ended up with this:


Home made multi-function lamp-stand/cat toy/charging station/you-name-it-wonder-device



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