Bride’s Choice 2011…SimplyTwo Photography? Why…Yes Please!

12:45 AM

To all my brides and grooms: You Rock. And you are the reason behind SimplyTwo Photography’s Bride’s Choice Award at! Thank you for bringing me out to your wedding. Thank you for putting up with all my quirky habits. And thank you for trusting me to do my thing.

And to all my 2011 couples…we’re going to make this a good year!


Apparently, SimplyTwo Photography’s Bride’s Choice award represents:

  • being among the top 5% of wedding photographers in the nation (my math aint great, but that’s a pretty good figure)
  • feedback from extensive surveys and recent reviews from real newlyweds (legit baby)
  • a studio of quality and excellent service amongst wedding vendors (we all know how shady some vendors can be…yuck)

Source: Wedding Wire Press Center


As we approach 2011’s wedding limit, I can tell this year is going to be a very unique one. Without spoiling the surprise, let’s just say we can all look forward to:

  • weddings across the entire West Coast
  • weekend-long wedding adventures complete with tents, cabins, and possibly bears
  • far-east and near: engagement sessions in historic America + bridal sessions hailing all the way from Asia
  • fresh high fashion bridal gown shoots
  • more magazine features
  • and other neat stuff to be discovered when you frequent this blog.


With all this going on, I feel like I should mention that 2012 bookings are officially underway! As of 2011, SimplyTwo Photography is limiting the number of annual weddings to ~19. This is a huge departure…roughly half the number from our early days.

Why: We’re responding to a recent trend that’s come about: the sheer level energy, focus, and time invested with each couple:

  • Engagement Creative Sessions spanning from a few hours to a whole day, in some cases multiple days are booked
  • 9 out of 10 weddings being full day commissions, one time I got up at 4am with the rest of the bridesmaids (not with them, just at the same time)
  • On average 80 hours of post production for each wedding, not including the album design which starts from scratch
  • Airport runs on average 2 weekends each month (airport security recognizes me!)
  • Other stuff I can’t remember; makes me sleepy to think of though


While it is a bummer to limit the projects undertaken each year, I know that in the end it’s going to be for the best. It’s a growing pain that needs to be addressed sooner or later but what’s not a bummer is knowing that we’re taking the path of absolute quality in favor of watered-down quantity. Preventing burnout and eliminating even the slightest chance of sub-par images; ‘cuz that’s how we roll, baby.

After all, no one likes a tired and grumpy photographer. The same goes for weak-sauce photos.


John Yao, Owner of SimplyTwo Photography

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