Westin Los Angeles: Effie & Nates’ Creatives

12:52 PM

Dearest Effie & Nate,

Chillin with you two at the Westin was simply too much fun! Thank you + your wedding party for giving me the chance to create this super-fun set!




(Above) I LOVE night time creatives!

effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0002 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0003 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0004 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0005 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0006 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0007 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0008 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0009 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0010 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0011 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0012

(Above) First Glance…the ‘rules’ prohibit Nate from turning around until Effie says so…


(Above) I think he’s speechless…

effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0014 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0015 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0016 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0017 effie&nate_blogcreatives_simplytwo[dot]com_0018

Effie & Nate via WeddingWire:

SimplyTwo Photography captured the heart and soul of our wedding, and provided us great memories we can cherish for the rest of our lives. They have a great eye for the dramatic and the touching. John staged terrific shots for us with our wedding party and honored guests, and he and Melissa captured a wealth of perfect tender moments. While we had them scheduled to begin at 11am, SimplyTwo showed up at 10 to start snapping and getting us all ready; they also stayed late. They are not inexpensive, but you absolutely get what you pay for and more, we loved working with SimplyTwo and recommend them without any reservations.


Coming up: Effie & Nate’s Ceremony + Gorgeous Decor

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