Vivian & Bryan’s Los Angeles Wedding: Glendale, Disney, Universal City

6:28 AM

Dear Bryan n Vivian,

These photos bring me many smiles. That is all. =)



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Vivian & Bryan via WeddingWire:

My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon, and now that we have a chance to reflect back on our wedding day, we're just all smiles. As any married couple would testify, there is so much potential for worry on that big day, but it was such a great pleasure to work with John because we knew that that aspect of our wedding was in perfect hands. Truthfully, there wasn't much to really remember about the photography, and that's a good thing...because a good photographer shouldn't be all in your face or stealing any of the spotlight. John was really professional, stuck by us throughout the entire day, and was present, but also invisible (if you know what I mean). When I think REALLY hard, I realize that we did manage to squeeze in quite a bit of photo sessions throughout the busy day, and that John was snapping away almost non-stop. But he was never in our faces and we LOVE that he avoids flash like the plague!

You have to meet John to really appreciate his working style, his personality, and his skills. You won't regret it! =)


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Las Vegas: November 12-14

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