San Diego Engagement Session – Deb & Joe

3:29 PM

Once upon a time there was a girl named Deb and boy named Joe. Joe was intrigued by Deb because she was so cool. And Deb was intrigued by Joe because he was so goofy and charming and handsome.

One day Joe asked Deb to be his girlfriend and she said ok; which was really cool. Then after that he asked Deb to be he his wife, and she said ok too; which was AWESOME! Not long after that, they hung out by the ocean and took some cool photos next to a brick wall before Joe decided to do some kung fu moves to display his awesomeness while scaring off any other boys. To express their excitement, Deb and Joe proceeded to rock their San Diego Chargers jerseys while performing close to a million back flips and summersaults in each others’ honor just before being adorable together under a colorful lamp-post.

Deb & Joe, you are tooooo cool~ Thanks for making this session wildly entertaining and more fun than ice block racing down a mile-long hill in 100-degree weather while being chased by a t-rex.

DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0001 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0002 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0003 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0004 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0005 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0006 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0007 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0008 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0009 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0010 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0011 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0012 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0013 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0014 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0015 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0016 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0017 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0018 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0019 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0020 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0021 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0022 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0023 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0024 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0025 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0026 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0027


Engagement Creative Session EXTENDED!

John and Joe: Forever and Ever

While chatting with Joe about some photo concepts/ideas, Deb picked up the camera and started shooting.

Joe then tried to kiss me.

Deb got it on camera.

The rest is history.

DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0028 DEB&JOE_engagement_rawr_0029

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