Los Angeles Engagement Session: Annie & Robert – Biltmore, UCLA, Langham, Santa Monica

11:12 AM

Annie and Robert’s session was just too good. We hit up Pasadena's City Hall, The Langham’s Japanese Garden, The Biltmore, UCLA and Santa Monica Beach. Too much good stuff; enjoy folks!

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(Above) LOL Robert and his goofy faces…


(Above) OMG the lighting is so love

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(Above) Sometimes the BEST lighting is found, not made. For the blue sky shots, we used all natural lighting. No flashes, reflectors, or extra gear; Just magic. =)

simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0019 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0020 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0021 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0022 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0023 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0024 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0025 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0026 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0027

(Above) This is how they spend their days at UCLA…bad bad!

simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0028 simplyTwo[dot]com_ARUCLA_0029

(Above) Annie and Rob had to hold super still while I used a slow shutter speed to ‘show’ the water movement.

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