i ♥ hot brides: Wedding Gown Week

4:21 AM

I suppose…if I were to be completely honest…if there is one other thing that ranks as high in importance as commissioning the right photographer; it’s picking the right dress.

I know for a fact that my brides pour over dozens, if not hundreds of designs before choosing…never settling...for that perfect dress. It’s a tough choice with as many design variations as there are material choices: smooth satin, silky organza, or lightweight taffeta? A trendy single strap, or an oOoh-la-la strapless?

Chugga chugga chugga choo choo! Here comes the train! My oh my…the trains…how they come and go! I’ll admit it - I love it when my brides rock the full cathedrals down the aisle. And the chapels? Effortlessly adorable.

Top it all off with custom embroidery…pickups…and other embellishments; we could be here all day, baby.

With that, I welcome you to SimplyTwo Photography’s first ever Wedding Gown Week where I’ll be showing off some of the most breathtaking designs from my close friends at the Private Label by G design house! With a new dress featured every day this week, by next Sunday you’ll know exactly what to look for after he pops the question!


English Netting and lace…best friends forever on this fit and flare. Floral appliqués pattern the entire gown all the way through to its semi-cathedral train. Check out the shots below…the Swarovski Crystal adorned belt below the sweetheart neckline is a nice touch.

simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0003 simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0004 simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0002

simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0005 simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0006 simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0007 simplyTwo[dot]com_privatelabel_monday_0008

You definitely won’t want to miss the tiered organza on tomorrow's dress…so check back! =)



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