S2 in SF! Labor Day Weekend Wedding Rehearsal

9:45 PM

HEYA! I landed in SF today in time to hang out with Linna & Eric for their wedding rehearsal; they are getting married tomorrow!

It’s about 9:30pm and I’m sitting here blogging in the hotel room because my pre-wedding list all done!

  • My camera batteries are charged
  • Memory cards are cleared
  • Tomorrow’s itinerary has been memorized
  • My shoes are clean
  • I have socks
  • My shirt and pants are both pressed

Not quite sleepy yet so here’s some pix from today!


(Above) Here is where Linna will stand tomorrow. My Starbucks cup takes the place of the grooms hands (for lighting simulation purposes)


(Above) If you are a guest tomorrow, this is what you will see during the ceremony…atop the waterfall at Yerba Buena ,

S2inSF_rehearsal_0003 S2inSF_rehearsal_0004 S2inSF_rehearsal_0005 S2inSF_rehearsal_0006 S2inSF_rehearsal_0007 S2inSF_rehearsal_0008

(Above) I asked two of the groomsmen to stand where Linna and Eric will be tomorrow in order to get a better idea of the light


(Above) flower girl / ring bearer! a-freakin-dorable


(Above) let’s walk n talk, going over tomorrow’s itinerary

S2inSF_rehearsal_0011 S2inSF_rehearsal_0012

(Above) finalizing some details and then it’s off to dinnAr

S2inSF_rehearsal_0013 S2inSF_rehearsal_0014

(Above) Rehearsal dinner at Osha, SF Embarcadero

S2inSF_rehearsal_0015 S2inSF_rehearsal_0016 S2inSF_rehearsal_0017 S2inSF_rehearsal_0018 S2inSF_rehearsal_0019

(Above) really really chill ambiance at Osha, very calming

S2inSF_rehearsal_0020 S2inSF_rehearsal_0021 S2inSF_rehearsal_0023

(Above) my bride and groom…tomorrow at this time, they will be married!

S2inSF_rehearsal_0024 S2inSF_rehearsal_0025

(Above) for dessert: green tea macaroon atop vanilla ice cream and banana rangoon


select images courtesy of SimplyTwo Second Shooter(s)®

(Above) let’s go shoot a good wedding tomorrow yah? gnite world; me needs rest

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