Annie + Henry’s Los Angeles Wedding: The Creatives

11:33 PM

Dear Henry n Annie,

I feel like it was yesterday that we hung out for the first time to shoot your engagement session. I remember rolling up just as Annie’s makeup session was finishing up. And together, we would set out to conquer all the unique locations mapped on our ambitious itinerary. That session was good…very good…but I gotta say -

…your wedding session was even better!

Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0001 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0002 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0003 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0004 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0005 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0006 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0007 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0008 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0009 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0010 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0011 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0012 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0013 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0014 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0015 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0016 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0017 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0018 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0019 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0020 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0021 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0022 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0023 Annie&Henry_A_simplytwo[dot]com_0024

Annie & Henry: The two people you will spend the most time with on your wedding day are:

1) your new wife/husband

2) your photographer.

With that said, I can't stress how important it is to choose a photographer whom you trust and feel comfortable with; John is this type of professional.

During the wedding day, John couldn't have been more supportive, helping us along each transition of the busy day. He made us feel confident and comfortable in front of the lens. Not only is John an expert at what he does, he will take the extra time to get to know your family, wedding party, and other vendors. He's very easy to work with and most of all, he's someone you can trust, personally and professionally.

John: Thanks for picking me to be your wedding photographer; it really means a lot! I thoroughly enjoyed creating these images with you and I hope you two will enjoy them for at least a million years! xoxo

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