Angela & Jones’ Los Angeles Wedding – Creatives & Candids!

3:13 PM

Dear Angela and Jones,

Thank you so much for helping me create this set of pictures! For the entire day, you and your entire wedding party were basically rock stars to hang out with and I loved how we tossed so many ideas back and forth during the Creative Sessions. As I look over all of your pictures, I’m totally reminded of how much fun the day was… Thank you for picking me to be your wedding photographer…enjoy your wedding pics!



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Angela and Jones, via WeddingWire: John is very meticulous and professional. He is an expert at capturing the moments and bringing out the life in every still shot he takes. One aspect that our guests appreciated was his ability to capture wonderful pictures while not getting in the way of our guests. John makes the bridal party extremely comfortable and is able to adjust based on our differing personalities. We extremely appreciate John's dedication and passion to his work, often going beyond what is asked of him. We highly recommend John to any bride and groom that is looking for a stress-free and fun-filled wedding. Thank you so much for being our photographer John.

John: thx! , =)


Till next time SimplyTwo blog readers…have a great week!

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