Los Angeles Vintage Engagement Session: Cessy n Aki

8:00 AM

A wise friend once told me, “Planning is a good thing John, you should really try it.” Those words held especially true while we mapped out the plan for Cessy and Aki’s Engagement Session. MONTHS in advance, Cessy g-chatted me with a single word; vintage. We brainstormed locations, outfits, props, more locations, different outfits, and more props. And because of all that wonderful planning, their set is so fly…it’s like a G6.

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Cessy & Aki: John is great to work with. He is passionate about his work, and it shows. We commissioned him to do our engagement session, and he definitely exceeded our expectations. John is knowledgeable, professional and patient--we appreciated how he took the time to inspect and make sure every variable was in place in order to get a perfect photo every time. Most importantly, he is invested to his clients and takes the extra step to make that connection in order to capture those special moments. He made us feel at ease and trusted his eye completely. We booked him for our wedding day, and we are eager to have those beautiful pictures to hold onto for years to come! Thanks, John!

John: No no Cessy & Aki, Thank YOU. Great session, nice work!



Having seen lots of different styles of vintage engagements and weddings online, I was always taken back by the heavy processing and photoshopping involved to get that old timey look. Those who know of my style also know that very little, if any Photoshopping goes into the final photos I give to my clients. So in a situation where I wanted a highly stylized and artistic look while avoiding any gross over processing…I turned to the real deal baby…vintage camera gear older than my dad!


(Above) The Asahi Optical Company (Before they became PENTAX) Steel-barrelled 50 1.4 prime adapted to my Canon 5D2.

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