…just when you thought the fun was over: bride-wars, more kevin, & twirling dresses

2:29 AM

SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0001 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0002 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0003 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0004 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0005

(Above) testing the light on self timer in between models/dresses. am I underdressed?

SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0006 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0007

(Above) See that pool behind her? We weren’t allowed to trash the dress….sad yes I know….

SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0008 SUPERSECRETsession_partdeux_0009

(Above) Ten-second timer baby! Can you spot the two REAL brides in this photo?


(Above) Thanks Sharon for letting us use the site!


Thanks to Meta from A Lil’ Wedding Planner, Halcyon Aveda Salon, Rosalind’s Bridal & Alterations, and Adrienne Lam for pulling this project together! AND an extra special thanks to Jessalyn Lee, Judy Chen, Lawrence Hui, and Josh Wu for helping with the blog selections!


SimplyTwo Travel Schedule: One of the questions I get asked most often is, “where are you?”

These last few months have been awesome. Hanging out with my couples, celebrating their engagements, witnessing their weddings, and getting it all on camera ~ there is nothing more I would dare ask for. A week after coming back from Project Resonate, I hit the ground sprinting for the 2010 wedding season. Between weddings and ministry, I’ve had the privilege of blanketing the west coast from San Diego, OC, LA, and San Fran to Seattle. However, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep my viewers and supporters in the loop about where/what projects I’m working on. So in an effort to NOT keep everyone in the dark, I’m taking people's’ advice and will start posting a general travel and project schedule as it becomes available.

Current Travel & Project Itinerary

San Diego: August 19-28

  • 20: Engagement Session
  • 21: Creative Session
  • 22: CEC Photoshoot (AM) , Creative Session (PM) , Project Resonate Board Meeting (PM)
  • 23: Bridal Shoot
  • 27: Wedding Rehearsal Visit
  • 28: Wedding Shoot

Los Angeles: August 29 - September 3

San Francisco: September 4 - 6

San Diego: September 10 - 16

Los Angeles: September 17 - 18

San Diego: September 19 - October 2

Richmond, VA: October 8 – 10

Taipei, Taiwan: October 12 – 31

San Francisco: November 5 – 7

Las Vegas - Pending: November 12-14

San Diego: November 19-21

Los Angeles: November 26-28


My schedule is like swiss cheese. If you see any open spots and want to do a Creative Session (family, couples, kids, etc), want more information about wedding photography…or just want to say hello…email me at john@simplytwo.com!

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