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11:27 PM

Dear Dorinda and Peseng,

Thank you for being amazing and trusting me to create your wedding photos. In my opinion, they turned out quite alright…wouldn’t you agree?


Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0001 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0002 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0003 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0004 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0005 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0006

(Above) The three of us snuck out during the reception in order to get these dusk shots. The colors are simply too good to be true…but wait they are!

Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0007 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0008 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0009 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0010 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0011 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0012 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0013 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0014 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0015 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0016 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0017 Dorinda&PesengWedding_SimplyTwo_BLOG_0018

Dorinda and Peseng’s Review of SimplyTwo Photography on WeddingWire:

“John IS TRULY PHENOMENAL! There are many photographers that are "cheaper" out there...but that's exactly what you get: cheap. You really get what you pay for when it comes to photography, and with John, you get AMAAAAZZZINGGG!!! He really goes above and beyond the call of a photographer and gives you his all on your special day. He comes a little earlier and hangs around a little later just to make sure everything is perfect. I was really nervous the morning before my wedding, but he made me really comfortable and laugh during my entire photo shoot. John is always paying attention to little details to make sure you look as beautiful as you possibly can as the bride. He is also really creative and flexible. No matter what happens or where your wedding is located, he'll think of someway to take marvelous pictures. Every time he checks his camera and know he's snapped a totally awesome photo....and when he shows you the little screen on the camera, the picture will blow you away. John is so good at adjusting all the settings on his camera and working with the lighting that the pictures already look fabulous ....even before he processes them on his computer. Looking back at my wedding, I feel that photography was one of the most important parts because I will be looking at my photos for years to come. If you want the happiest day of your life to be captured in beautiful photos, I highly recommend John.”

-pes & dor

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