Brea High, 3rd St. Promenade, Los Angeles Engagement Photography – Annie + Henry

9:45 PM

Dearest S2 blog readers, I’d like to introduce you to my friends, Annie and Henry. We visited Brea High School where they fell in love 10 years ago, Santa Monica Pier, and finished off at Staples Center with a stopover to the Nokia Theater courtyard. Annie and Henry scheduled their engagement photos to coincide with their 10 year anniversary, which is pretty rad in my opinion!

annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0001 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0002 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0003 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0004 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0005 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0006 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0007 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0008 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0009 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0010 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0011 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0012 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0013 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0014 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0015 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0016 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0017 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0018 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0019 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0020 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0021 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0022 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0023 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0024 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0025 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0026 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0027 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0028 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0029 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0030 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0031 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0032 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0033

Thanks Henry and Annie for helping me knock out an amazing session! Love you lots!


Creative Notes:

Photography is all about lighting. Depending on the time of day, a location can look either awesome or terrible. For the image set below, we were at the bridge that connects third street with the beach. Growing up in LA, I’ve walked these steps probably a hundred times but never gave it much thought as a set for my couples.

To give you guys an idea of what the area looks like during the day and late at night, I’ve attached a few candid snapshots. From the looks of it, it’s pretty whatevs, but when captured at just the right time and angle, you get the rich blue skies and warm skin tones. No Photoshop here…

annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0035 annie&henry_awesomeengagement_SimplyTwo[dot]com_0036

If you are a bride: Give your photographer plenty of time to map out the shooting schedule. Pick the best time of day and think about locations that are cool.

If you are a photographer: Find good light, not bad light. Make good decisions where to set your couple in relation to light and time of day. They will love the pix!

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